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[edit] Discussion of Adamantinoma

Adam Ant
  • Adamantinoma is a rare, locally aggressive lesion that is usually 3.0–15.0 cm in diameter when discovered.
  • It has a strong predilection for the tibia, which is the site of involvement in 80% of cases. It has a particular propensity for the anterior tibial diaphysis.
  • In adamantinoma, the patient age is usually 20–50 years.
  • The male-to-female ratio is 1.3:1.

  • The typical presentation is gradual onset of dull pain.
  • A low-grade malignancy, adamantinoma has the ability to metastasize. Fifteen percent of patients die with metastases, commonly to the lung, bone, lymph nodes, pericardium, and liver.
  • Treatment involves wide en bloc resection; the disease appears to be more aggressive when recurrent after therapy.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Adamantinoma

  • The most characteristic radiographic feature is the location: the middle anterior cortex of the tibial diaphysis.
  • The epicenter is typically eccentric.
  • The appearance consists of a multilocular or slightly expansile osteolytic lesion, which may be locally aggressive.

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