Anterior cruciate ligament tear

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[edit] Discussion of Anterior cruciate ligament tear

  • ACL is the most commonly disrupted ligament of the knee, especially among athletes who participate in sports that involve rapid starting, stopping, and pivoting (i.e. soccer, basketball, tennis, and snow skiing).
  • ACL tears typically occur in the middle portion of the ligament.
  • Avulsion of the tibial attachment may be seen in younger patients.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Anterior cruciate ligament tear

[edit] MRI

  • Disruption of the ACL
  • Anterior tibial translocation sign: Seen on sagittal images of the lateral femoral condyle when there is 7-mm or greater anterior translocation of the tibia relative to the femur.

[edit] Images

Patient #1: ACL tear. Note the Segond fracture

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