Anterior shoulder dislocation

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[edit] Discussion

  • Usually the result of direct or indirect trauma, with the arm forced into abduction and external rotation.
  • Most frequent type of shoulder dislocation (represents more than 90% of injuries).
  • Associated lesions:
    • Hill-Sach lesions (describes a characteristic defect of the posterolateral surface of the humeral head, and represents a compression fracture)
    • Labral lesions (ie, Bankart lesion)
    • Bony glenoid lesions - Osseous anterior glenoid rim fractures (44%), bony Bankart lesions, fracture of the greater tuberosity
    • Intraarticular loose body
    • Rotator cuff lesions - Supraspinatus tears or subscapularis tears

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Patient #1: Shoulder trauma

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