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[edit] Discussion of Arcuate uterus

  • Arcuate uterus is characterized by a mild indentation of the endometrium at the uterine fundus
  • Result of near complete resorption of the uterovaginal septum.
  • Arcuate uterus can be distinguished from a bicornuate uterus on the basis of its complete fundal unification.
  • Data regarding the reproductive outcomes of patients with an arcuate uterus are extremely limited and widely disparate.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Arcuate uterus

[edit] HSG

  • Opacification of the endometrial cavity demonstrates a single uterine canal with a broad saddle-shaped indentation of the uterine fundus.

[edit] US

  • A normal external uterine contour is noted, with a broad smooth indentation on the fundal segment of the endometrium.
  • No division of the uterine horns is noted.

[edit] MRI

  • Normal external uterine contour is maintained.
  • The myometrial fundal indentation is smooth and broad, and the signal intensity of this region is isointense to normal myometrium.

[edit] Images

Patient #1: MR images demonstrate an arcuate uterus

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