Artificial urethral sphincter

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[edit] Discussion of Artificial urethral sphincter

  • Artificial urinary sphincters replace the function of the natural urinary sphincter in patients with sphincter damage or neurologic disease.
  • Most commonly used to treat patients with urinary incontinence following surgery for prostate cancer.
  • They are sometimes used in combination with a bladder neck stent.

  • A typical design includes:
    • Urethral cuff at the bladder neck or proximal urethra.
    • Cuff is attached to a pump and fluid balloon reservoir.
    • Pump can be manually used to inflate or deflate the urethral cuff by redistributing the fluid in the balloon reservoir.
    • Inflation of the cuff constricts the sphincter, and deflation of the cuff allows urine to leave the bladder and flow through the urethra.

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Patient #1: Images of an artificial urethral sphincter

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