Avulsion fracture - anterior superior iliac spine

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[edit] Discussion

  • Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) avulsion fractures typically occurs during athletic competition.
  • ASIS is the site of attachment for sartorius and tensor fascia lata.
  • Of the common types of pelvic fractures (pelvic ring fractures, acetabular fractures), avulsion fractures are the most benign.
    • These can usually be treated on an outpatient basis with crutches, analgesics, and modified activity.
    • Spontaneous recovery usually occurs within 4 to 6 weeks.
    • Occasionally, surgical intervention is required to remove painful fragments or to regain anatomic fixation.

[edit] Pelvic avulsion fractures and attaching muscles

  • Anterior superior iliac spine: Sartorius and tensor fascia lata
  • Anterior inferior iliac spine: Rectus femoris
  • Iliac crest: Abdominal musculature
  • Ischial tuberosity: Hamstrings
  • Greater trochanter: Hip rotator muscles
  • Lesser trochanter: Iliopsoas

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