BIRADS 0 sample dictation

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Clinical Indication: Screening mammography. Last clinical breast exam: [ ].


[Comparison is made with prior mammograms dated; No prior films are currently available for comparison. If any prior films can be submitted, comparison will be performed and an addendum to this report will be issued.]

[The breasts are almost entirely fatty.; The breast tissue is composed of scattered fibroglandular densities.; The breast tissue is heterogeneously dense, which may lower the sensitivity of mammography.; The breast tissue is extremely dense, which decreases the sensitivity of mammography. This makes physical examination relatively more important in this patient.]

[ ]

[No suspicious masses or suspicious clusters of microcalcifications are seen in the left/right breast.]



Recommendation: [Comparison with prior mammograms is strongly recommended. If the patient is unable to obtain prior mammograms for comparison, the patient will be recalled for additional imaging of the [ ]

BIRADS 0: Incomplete; need additional imaging evaluation