Bladder inflammatory pseudotumor

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[edit] Discussion of Bladder inflammatory pseudotumor

  • An inflammatory pseudotumor is a nonneoplastic proliferation of cells (inflammatory pseudotumor is an interesting entity that has been reported in every organ of the body).
  • Patients present most commonly with an ulcerating bleeding mass, hematuria, and voiding symptoms.
  • Condition is more common in adults (mean age at diagnosis reported to be 38 years)
  • The lesion is locally aggressive and may mimic malignancy clinically, at cystoscopy, and at imaging.
  • The pathogenesis of inflammatory pseudotumor is not clear.
  • Treatment may consist of surgery, a regimen of high-dose steroids, radiation therapy, or conservative management.
  • Because imaging features may overlap, it is critical that the pathologist distinguish inflammatory pseudotumor from rhabdomyosarcoma and myxoid leiomyosarcoma to prevent unnecessary radical surgery.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Bladder inflammatory pseudotumor

  • At imaging evaluation, inflammatory pseudotumor usually appears as a single bladder mass, which may be exophytic or polypoid and which may be ulcerated.
  • On CT and MR images, inflammatory pseudotumors demonstrate enhancement, and at color Doppler US, these lesions may show internal vascularity.
  • Enhancement may be ring like secondary to cellular periphery with a necrotic center.

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