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[edit] Discussion

  • The most commonly used method is based on a single x-ray of the fingers, hand, and wrist.
  • A hand is easily x-rayed with minimal radiation and shows many bones in a single view.
  • The bones in the x-ray are compared to the bones of a standard atlas, usually "Greulich and Pyle"

[edit] Sample Dictation

Clinical statement: []

Technique: PA view of the left hand.

Comparison: []

Findings: The patients chronological age is X years. His bone age is most compatible with the standary of A years. The mean bone of an individual of this chronological age is B years, with a standard deviation of C months.

Impression: Normal/Advanced/Delayed bone age with respect to the age and gender matched standards of Greulich and Pyle.

[edit] Standard Views

[edit] Greulich and Pyle

[edit] MALE

[edit] FEMALE