Breast implant classification

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[edit] Single-lumen gel

  • Silicone gel-filled

[edit] Single-lumen adjustable

  • Silicone gel-filled, to which can be added a variable amount of saline at time of placement

[edit] Saline-filled, dextran-filled, PVP-filled

  • Dextran-filled (some early implants), PVP-filled (Bioplasty), and the rest saline-filled

[edit] Standard double-lumen

  • Silicone gel inner lumen, saline outer lumen

[edit] Reverse double-lumen

  • Saline inner lumen, silicone gel outer lumen

[edit] Reverse-adjustable double-lumen

  • Silicone gel inner and outer lumens, variable amount of saline added to inner lumen at time of placement

[edit] Gel-gel double-lumen

  • Silicone gel inner and outer lumens

[edit] Triple-lumen

  • Silicone gel inner and middle lumens, saline outer lumen

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