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[edit] Discussion of Bronchiectasis

  • Defined as localized irreversible dilatation of part of the bronchial tree

[edit] Etiologies of Bronchiectasis

[edit] Classification of Bronchiectasis

  • Cylindrical: Bronchi have a uniform caliber, they do not taper, and they have parallel walls.
  • Cystic or Saccular: Severe form of bronchiectasis. The involved bronchi are cystlike in appearance and extend to the pleural surface. Air-fluid levels are commonly present.
  • Varicose: Relatively uncommon. The bronchi have a beaded appearance with a dilated bronchus and interspersed sites of relative narrowing.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Bronchiectasis

[edit] Plain film

  • Parallel line opacities (tram tracks) caused by thickened dilated bronchi
  • Tubular opacities caused by dilated fluid-filled bronchi
  • Crowding of pulmonary vascular markings from the associated loss of volume, usually caused by mucous obstruction of the peripheral bronchi

[edit] CT

  • Bronchial diameter may be greater than that of the adjacent artery.
  • Lack of bronchial tapering (the same diameter as the parent branch for >2 cm).
  • Bronchi may be within 1 cm of costal pleura.

[edit] Images

Patient #1

Patient #2

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