Cardiac myxoma

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[edit] Discussion

  • Cardiac myxoma is a benign neoplasm that represents the most common primary tumor of the heart, accounting for approximately 30% of all primary cardiac neoplasms.
  • Most affected patients present with at least one feature of a classically described triad that includes cardiac obstructive symptoms, constitutional symptoms, and embolic events.
  • Because the clinical presentation of patients with cardiac myxomas is diverse and nonspecific, imaging plays a key role in establishing the diagnosis.
  • 90% occur on the left
  • 90% are solitary
  • Myxomas may calcify

[edit] Differential Diagnosis

[edit] Imaging Findings

  • Myxoma typically manifests as a polypoid, intracavitary left atrial mass that arises from the interatrial septum, but it may originate in any cardiac chamber.

[edit] Images

Patient #1: CT demonstrate a cardiac myxoma in the left atrium

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