Chiari II malformation

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[edit] Discussion of Chiari II malformation

[edit] Imaging Findings for Chiari II malformation

  • Small posterior fossa
  • Large foramen magnum: The posterior fossa is exceptionally small, and the foramen magnum is larger and rounder than usual.
  • Low lying cerebellar tonsils
  • Medullary kink
  • Towering cerebellum: Cerebellum extends above the incisura of the tentorium.
  • Elongated fourth ventricle
  • Beaked tectum
  • Hydrocephalus: present in up to 98% of patients
  • Prominent massa intermedia
  • Lacunar skull or l├╝ckensch├Ądel: Dysplasia of the membranous bones of the calvarium that disappears after approximately 6 months of age. (written boards question)

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Patient #1

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