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[edit] Patient preparation

NPO for 4 hours but no longer than 24 hours

[edit] Radiopharmaceutical


[edit] Dose and route of administration

5 mCi IV

[edit] Equipment

  • Camera: Large FOV gamma camera
  • Collimator:low energy, all purpose
  • Window: 15% over 140 KeV photopeak

[edit] Procedure

  • Immediately obtain 60 1 sec frames
  • Followed by 1 minute frames for 60 frames
  • Right lateral and left anterior oblique images obtained at 1 hour.

  • Inject morphine (0.04 mg/kg over 1 min) at 1 hour if gallbladder has not filled and there is good biliary-to-bowel transit.
    • Contracts sphincter of oddi causing gallbladder filling
    • Image for an additional 30 min

[edit] Misc

[edit] References