Cholesterol granuloma

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[edit] Discussion

  • Cholesterol granulomas can occur in any obstructed air cells.
  • Often arise from the apex of the petrous bone and may enlarge enough to expand in the posterior cranial fossa and produce nerve disturbances.

[edit] Differential diagnosis of petrous apex mass lesion

[edit] Imaging Findings

  • At CT, cholesterol granulomas appear as sharply and smoothly marginated expansile lesions in the temporal bone, isoattenuating with brain tissue and nonenhancing.
  • At MR imaging, they characteristically have a large central region of increased signal intensity and a thin peripheral rim of decreased signal intensity on both T1- and T2-weighted images. The latter finding corresponds to expanded cortical bone and hemosiderin deposits.
  • Spontaneous and homogeneous central high signal intensity on T1-weighted images is very suggestive of a cholesterol granuloma.

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