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[edit] Discussion of Cobra head sign

  • The cobra head sign refers to dilatation of the distal ureter, surrounded by a thin lucent line, which is seen in patients with adult-type ureteroceles.
  • The distal ureter dilates in response to restriction of flow at the ureteral orifice in the bladder.
  • The lucent hood represents the combined thickness of the ureteral wall and prolapsed bladder mucosa, outlined by contrast material within the bladder lumen.
  • This lucent line should be thin and well defined. Any thickening, irregularity, or loss of definition of the cobra‚Äôs hood should raise concern for the presence of a pseudoureterocele (a pseudoureterocele can result from edema related to stone impaction or recent stone passage, or more important, tumor overgrowth of the ureteral orifice).

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