Colloid cyst

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[edit] Discussion of Colloid cyst

  • Colloid cysts occur in the anterior portion of the third ventricle near the foramen of Monro.
  • Patients may present with positional headaches or hydrocephalus.
    • Sudden death secondary to acute hydrocephalus can occur

  • Treatment options:
    • Biventricular shunting
    • Cyst resection
    • Endoscopic coagulation

[edit] Imaging Findings for Colloid cyst

[edit] CT

  • Hyperdense mass in the anterior third ventricle
  • Hyperdensity is due to high protein concentration
  • Cyst rim may faintly enhance

[edit] MRI

  • T1: High T1 signal in 50% of cases
  • T2: The higher the protein concentration, the lower the signal intensity.

[edit] Images

Patient #1 :MR images demonstrate a colloid cyst

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