Colon cancer

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[edit] Discussion of Colon cancer

[edit] Staging of Colon Cancer

[edit] Dukes staging system

  • A: Limited to bowel wall
  • B: Extension into serosa or mesenteric fat
  • C: Lymph node metastases
  • D: Distant metastases

[edit] TNM classification system

  • T1: Mucosa or submucosa only
  • T2: Invasion of muscularis propria
  • T3: Invasion into subserosa
  • T4: Invasion into adjacent structures, fistula
  • N1: 1-3 regional (pericolic) lymph nodes
  • N2: > 4 lymph nodes
  • N3: Lymph nodes along named vascular trunk
  • M: Metastases

[edit] Imaging Findings for Colon cancer

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