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[edit] Discussion of Dentigerous cyst

  • Dentigerous (follicular) cyst is the most common type of noninflammatory odontogenic cyst.
  • Most common cause of a pericoronal area of lucency associated with an impacted tooth.
  • A dentigerous cyst forms within the lining of the dental follicle when fluid accumulates between the follicular epithelium and the crown of the developing or unerupted tooth.
  • Most dentigerous cysts manifest in adolescents and young adults and often form around the crown of an unerupted mandibular third molar.
  • Patients are typically pain free.
  • The most important features of this cyst are its ability to expand asymptomatically and its potential to displace or resorb adjacent teeth or bone.

  • Treatment includes extraction of the associated tooth and removal of the entire cyst.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Dentigerous cyst

  • At radiography, dentigerous cysts appear as well-defined, round or ovoid, corticated, lucent lesions around the crowns of unerupted teeth, usually third molars.
  • The radiographic appearance of such dentigerous cysts is comparable with that of cystic, unilocular odontogenic keratocysts.
  • Extremely large dentigerous cysts often develop undulating borders due to uneven rates of expansion through areas of varying bone density; the resulting radiographic appearance is comparable with that of a larger odontogenic keratocyst or ameloblastoma.

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