Diabetic mastopathy

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[edit] Discussion of Diabetic mastopathy

  • Diabetic mastopathy is characterized by the presence of benign breast masses in women with long-standing insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Diabetic mastopathy manifests clinically as a large, painless, hard breast mass that is usually indistinguishable from breast cancer.
  • Multicentric or bilateral involvement is a relatively frequent phenomenon, often occurring in late stages of the disease.

  • Although surgical excision was usually performed in the past to exclude malignancy, core biopsy is currently accepted as adequate for the diagnosis of this disease.
  • It has recently been reported that surgery may increase the number and extent of recurrences.

  • Diabetic mastopathy is usually a self-limited disease that does not require treatment, although recurrences are common

[edit] Imaging Findings for Diabetic mastopathy

  • The most common mammographic findings are ill-defined masses or asymmetric densities. Such lesions are often masked by dense glandular tissue, making mammographic evaluation difficult.
  • US often reveals the most characteristic imaging findings of the disease: irregular hypoechoic masses with marked posterior acoustic shadowing.
  • Reported MR imaging findings are variable, ranging from decreased diffuse contrast material enhancement to rapid, intense enhancement that is indistinguishable from breast carcinoma.

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