Epidural lipomatosis

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[edit] Discussion of Epidural lipomatosis

  • Epidural lipomatosis is an unusual condition.
  • It is most often associated with Cushing syndrome and exogenous corticosteroid drug therapy.
  • Usually occurs in thoracic or lumbar spine.

  • Although results of neurologic examination may be normal, patients with epidural lipomatosis usually present with weakness, decreased sensation and reflexes, and mild back pain.
  • Alterations in bowel and bladder function are seen infrequently.
  • The treatment of epidural lipomatosis often consists of reduction in steroid dose and prescribed weight loss.
  • Patients who undergo surgery for decompression may have a mortality rate (up to 22%), probably due to the overall immunosuppressed status of affected patients.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Epidural lipomatosis

  • On T1-weighted images, the high signal intensity of prominent epidural fat is generally diagnostic for epidural lipomatosis.

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