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[edit] Discussion of Galactocele

  • Galactocele is a benign lesion, occurring usually in young women during lactation.
  • Clinical presentation is of a single or multiple nodule, unilateral or bilateral.
  • Biochemical analysis of the material aspirated from galactoceles shows great variety in the proportions of proteins, fat, and lactose.
  • Macroscopically, the milk within the galactocele may appear white and of usual viscosity if fresh, or thickened if the liquid is older.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Galactocele

  • Radiographically, a galactocele is seen as single or multiple nodular lesions with a density equal to or less than that of the fibroepithelial tissue of the breast.
  • Mammograms in the mediolateral projection obtained with the patient erect may show nodules containing fat fluid levels (characteristic finding).

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