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[edit] Discussion of Gastroschisis

  • Gastroschisis is the herniation of fetal bowel loops into the amniotic cavity through a typically right-sided paraumbilical abdominal wall defect.
  • This anomaly does not have a surrounding membrane (unlike omphalocele).
  • Incidence of 1–6 per 10,000 live births.
  • Associated anomalies are rare in gastroschisis (unlike omphalocele) except related bowel abnormalities (i.e. intestinal atresia or stenosis from vascular compromise).
  • Other bowel complications include obstruction, perforation, peritonitis, motility dysfunction, necrotizing enterocolitis, short-gut syndrome, and fistulas.
  • The intrauterine mortality rate is 10–15%
  • Condition of the bowel at birth is the single most important prognostic factor.

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