IVC filter (internal jugular approach) placement sample dictation

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Procedure: IVC filter placement

Radiologists: []

History: []

Technique: Informed consent was obtained. The patient was identified and placed in the supine position. The [right] side of the neck and chest wall was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. 2% lidocaine local anesthesia was administered. Under ultrasound guidance, the [right] internal jugular vein was accessed using a micropuncture needle. A guidewire was passed and the needle was exchanged for the micropuncture introducer/sheath. The micropuncture wire was exchanged for an Amplatz wire, over which a 5 French omni flush catheter was placed with the distal extent in the left common iliac vein. An IVC venogram was obtained, showing normal anatomical relation between the IVC, renal veins and left common iliac vein. The absence of thrombus was also documented. The omni flush catheter was exchanged for the IVC filter introducer/sheath system through which a [ Venatech LP] filter was deployed under fluoroscopic observation in an infrarenal location. Hemostasis was assured at the puncture site in the neck. A sterile dressing was applied. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

Dr. [], the attending interventional radiologist, was present for the critical portions of the procedure and reviewed all images obtained.

Medications: Fentanyl [ ] mcg IV, Versed [ ] mg IV.

Impression: Uncomplicated placement of infrarenal [ Venatech LP] IVC filter via the right internal jugular vein.