In-111 OctreoScan

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[edit] Full name

In-111 pentetreotide

[edit] Photon energy

173, 247 keV

[edit] Uses, dosages, and Time of Imaging

  • Tumor imaging: 6 mCi IV
    • 4 hours (abdomen, pelvis)
    • 24 hours (whole body)

[edit] Physical half life

67 hours

[edit] Biological half life

6 hours

[edit] Normal distribution

Spleen, kidneys, liver

[edit] Pharmacokinetics

  • Peptide analogue of somatostatin and octreotide
  • Binds to tumors with somatostatin receptors

[edit] Excretion

Renal (2% hepatobiliary)

[edit] Target organ

Spleen, kidneys

[edit] Other

Uptake with: