In-111 oxime labeled WBC

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[edit] Photon energy

173, 247 keV

[edit] Uses and dosages

Infection: 0.5 mCi IV

[edit] Physical half life

67 hours

[edit] Biological half life

[edit] Normal distribution

Spleen, liver, kidney, bone marrow

[edit] Pharmacokinetics

  • Lipid soluble
  • Complex dissociates intracellularly
  • In-111 binds nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins
  • Oxime diffuses back out of cell
  • Lung uptake early (decreases by 4 hours)
  • Blood pool not normally seen after 24 hours (unless high percentage of RBC, platelet labeling)

[edit] Time of imaging

  • 4 hours for abscess or IBD
  • 24 hours for whole body

[edit] Excretion

[edit] Target organ


[edit] Other