Inflammatory breast cancer

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[edit] Discussion of Inflammatory breast cancer

  • Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast is an infrequent form of invasive breast carcinoma that manifests clinically with rapid onset of warmth, erythema, and edema of the breast.
    • Accounts for 1%–4% of breast cancer.
  • The clinical features of inflammatory breast cancer are increased volume and induration of the breast, increased temperature, tenderness or pain, peau d’orange or cutaneous edema, redness of the skin of at least one-third of the breast, and the presence of a palpable ridge at the margin of induration. *Pathologically, any subtype of primary breast carcinoma may be present, but dermal lymphatic vessels must be involved.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer has a tendency to metastasize at an early stage.
  • Average age range at onset is 45–54 years
  • Inflammatory breast carcinoma is a T4 tumor according to the standard TNM staging classification.

  • Unlike other types of breast cancer in which surgery is the first modality of treatment, chemotherapy before surgery or radiation therapy is the current standard treatment of inflammatory breast carcinoma.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Inflammatory breast cancer

  • Mammographic findings of tumor mass and/or malignant microcalcifications and of inflammatory changes, such as extensive skin and trabecular thickening, and diffusely increased breast density are important clues that should lead the radiologist to suggest the diagnosis.

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