Interrupted aortic arch

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[edit] Discussion of Interrupted aortic arch

  • Interrupted aortic arch (IAA) is a separation between the ascending and descending aortas.
  • 3 types:
    • Type A: Interruption is distal to the subclavian artery
    • Type B: Interruption occurs between the second carotid and the ipsilateral subclavian arteries
    • Type C: Interurruption occurs between two carotid arteries.

  • Each type is divided into 3 subtypes:
    • Subtype 1: Normal subclavian artery
    • Subtype 2: Aberrant subclavian artery
    • Subtype 3: Isolated subclavian artery that arises from the ductus arteriosus.

  • In addition to the type of IAA, the following information is important for surgical planningL
    • Evaluation of the distance between the proximal and distal segments,
    • Size of a patent ductus arteriosus
    • Narrowest dimension of the left ventricular outflow tract
    • Other cardiac structural abnormalities are important for surgical planning.

  • A right-sided descending aorta with aortic interruption is almost always associated with DiGeorge syndrome.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Interrupted aortic arch

  • As above

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