Left inferior vena cava

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[edit] Discussion of Left inferior vena cava

  • A left IVC results from regression of the right supracardinal vein with persistence of the left supracardinal vein.
  • The prevalence is 0.2%–0.5% .
  • The major clinical significance of this anomaly is the potential for misdiagnosis as left-sided paraaortic lymphadenopathy.
  • Spontaneous rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm into a left IVC has been reported.
  • Transjugular access to the infrarenal IVC for placement of an IVC filter may be difficult.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Left inferior vena cava

  • Typically, the left IVC joins the left renal vein, which crosses anterior to the aorta in the normal fashion, uniting with the right renal vein to form a normal right-sided prerenal IVC.

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