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[edit] Discussion

  • Liposarcoma represents the second most common type of soft-tissue sarcoma, exceeded only by fibrous and fibrohistocytic malignancies.
  • Liposarcoma accounts for 10%–35% of all soft-tissue sarcomas, and it has an estimated prevalence of 2.5 cases per million.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) Committee categorized soft-tissue liposarcomas into five types including:
    • Well differentiated
    • Dedifferentiated
    • Myxoid
    • Pleomorphic
    • Mixed

[edit] Imaging Findings

  • Imaging findings of liposarcoma are frequently characteristic.
  • Focal or diffuse areas of fat associated with nonlipomatous components are commonly detected on computed tomographic or magnetic resonance images.
  • The appearance and morphologic relationship between these areas frequently allow identification of the specific histologic subtype of liposarcoma.

[edit] Images

Patient #1

Patient #2: Myxoid liposarcoma

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