Lumbar hernia

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[edit] Discussion

  • Occur through defects in the lumbar muscles or the posterior fascia, below the 12th rib and above the iliac crest.
  • Usually occur after surgery or trauma.
  • Herniation may occur through the superior (Grynflett-Lesshaft) or, less commonly, the inferior (petit) lumbar triangle.
    • Superior lumbar triangle is bordered by the internal oblique muscle anteriorly, the 12th rib superiorly, and the erector spinal muscle posteriorly.
    • The inferior lumbar triangle is bordered by the external oblique muscle anteriorly, the iliac crest inferiorly, and the latissimus dorsi muscle posteriorly.
  • Complications
    • Small bowel obstruction
    • Incarceration: hernia cannot be reduced or pushed back manually
    • Strangulation: ischemia caused by a compromised blood supply

[edit] Imaging Findings

[edit] Images

Patient #1: CT images demonstrate a right lumbar hernia

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