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[edit] Discussion

  • Medullary sponge kidney is a developmental abnormality occurring in the medullary pyramids of the kidney.
  • Characterized by cystic dilatation of the collecting tubules in 1 or more renal pyramids in 1 or both kidneys.
  • Most patients with medullary sponge kidney remain asymptomatic throughout life, and the condition is discovered incidentally
  • Complications such as infection, hematuria, and nephrolithiasis may be the presenting complaint in approximately 10% of patients.
  • The frequency of calculus disease is increased and manifested by hematuria, renal colic, flank pain, fever, and dysuria.

[edit] Imaging Findings

[edit] CT

  • Unenhanced CT scan findings may be normal or demonstrate medullary nephrocalcinosis.
  • Enhanced scans may demonstrate contrast accumulation within the papillae.

[edit] US

  • Echogenic medullary pyramids in patients with medullary sponge kidney, irrespective of the presence of medullary nephrocalcinosis.
  • US findings can demonstrate complications related to calculus disease.

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