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[edit] Discussion

  • Histologic classification of mesenteric or omental cysts
    • Lymphangioma: endothelial lining
    • Enteric duplication cyst: Enteric lining and double-muscle lining with neural elements;
    • Enteric cyst: Enteric lining (mucosa with no muscle layer
    • Mesothelial cyst: mesothelial lining
    • Nonpancreatic pseudocyst has no lining, with a fibrous wall.
  • The most common type of mesenteric or omental cyst is lymphangioma, followed by a nonpancreatic pseudocyst, a duplication cyst, a mesothelial cyst, and an enteric cyst.

[edit] Differential Diagnosis

  • Cystic mesothelioma
  • Cystic spindle cell tumor
  • Teratoma

[edit] Imaging Findings

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Patient #1

Patient #2

Patient #3: Lymphangioma

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