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[edit] Discussion of Metastases to breast

  • Breast metastases from nonmammary primary tumors are uncommon (0.5%–2.0% of all breast malignancies).
  • Metastases do not tend to cause retraction of the skin or nipple.
  • Metastatic lesions are much more likely to be multiple or bilateral than primary cancers.
  • Metastases are often found in the subcutaneous fat, whereas primary breast cancers develop in the glandular tissue.

  • The most common extramammary cancers that metastasize to the breast are:

[edit] Imaging Findings for Metastases to breast

  • At mammography, metastatic lesions may manifest as single or multiple masses or as diffuse skin thickening. Metastases usually appear as round masses with circumscribed or ill-defined borders.
  • At US, metastatic masses tend to have circumscribed margins with low-level internal echoes and, occasionally, posterior acoustic enhancement.

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