Modic endplate changes

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[edit] Discussion of Modic endplate changes

  • Classification scheme for signal intensity changes in the bone marrow adjacent to the vertebral endplates in degenerative spine disease.

[edit] Classification of Modic endplate changes

  • Type 1 changes:
    • Increased marrow signal intensity in T2-weighted MR images and decreased signal intensity in T1-weighted MR images.
    • Fibrovascular tissue in endplates
  • Type 2 changes:
    • Increased signal intensity in T1- and T2-weighted MR images.
    • Lipid in endplates
  • Type 3 changes:
    • Decreased signal intensity in T1 -and T2-weighted MR images.
    • Endplate sclerosis

Modic Change T1 Signal T2 Signal
Type 1 Low High
Type 2 High High
Type 3 Low Low

[edit] Images

Type 2 changes at C6-C7

[edit] References for Modic endplate changes