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[edit] Discussion

  • Disease of the hematopoietic system
  • Associated with fibrosis of the bone marrow and extramedullary hematopoiesis.
  • Two forms are recognized: primary (idiopathic) and secondary.
  • The most common sites of involvement are the spine, pelvis, skull, ribs, proximal end of the humerus, and proximal portion of the femur.
  • Bone and joint pain, hemarthrosis and secondary gout are additional manifestations.

[edit] Imaging Findings

[edit] Plain Film

  • Osteosclerosis is the predominant finding
  • Uniform bone density or small areas of radiolucency may be present.
  • Spine may demonstrate increased radiodensity, or condensation of bone at the superior and inferior margins of the vertebrae (sandwich vertebral body) can be encountered.

[edit] MR imaging

  • Fibrosis of the marrow is characterized by decreased signal intensity on both T1-weighted and T2-weighted spin-echo images.

[edit] Images

Patient #1: CT images demonstrate diffuse sclerosis in this patient with myelofibrosis

Patient #2: MR images demonstrate diffuse decrease bone marrow signal intensity in this patient with myelofibrosis

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