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[edit] Discussion of Nasal glioma

  • Nasal gliomas are composed of dysplastic glial tissue, and are congenital nonneoplastic lesions best categorized as heterotopia.
  • Nasal gliomas occur near the root of the nose (where the cranial portion of the nose joins the forehead)
  • A nasal glioma may be connected to the brain by a stalk of tissue in up to 15% of cases, but the stalk does not contain a direct fluid-filled tract that communicates with the subarachnoid spaces; therefore, a nasal glioma is distinct from an encephalocele.

  • Nasal gliomas are intranasal in 30% of cases, extranasal in 60%, and mixed in 10%.
  • Extranasal gliomas are usually seen in a paramedian location at the bridge of the nose external to the nasal passage , whereas intranasal lesions are usually located within the nasal passage medial to the middle turbinate bone.

  • Surgical resection is used to treat these lesions.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Nasal glioma

Nasal gliomas are often isointense relative to normal brain at MR imaging, which is the imaging modality of choice. High-resolution surface coil MR imaging is often useful in demonstrating the intracranial stalk.

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