Nephrogenic adenoma

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[edit] Discussion of Nephrogenic adenoma

  • A nephrogenic adenoma is not a neoplastic mass but a benign reactive process that occurs in the urothelium.
  • Chronic irritation by calculi, infection, injury, or previous surgery incites metaplasia of the urothelium, which develops growths.
  • A typical case is a patient with a history of undergoing repeated biopsies for urothelial carcinoma, with the reparative process causing a nephrogenic adenoma.
  • Irritative voiding symptoms or hematuria are the most common symptoms.
  • Patient age ranges from 26 to 80 years
  • Men are three times more likely than women to develop nephrogenic adenoma.
  • At histologic analysis, the adenoma resembles immature urothelial or metanephric structures.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Nephrogenic adenoma

  • Imaging studies reveal polypoid or sessile masses within the bladder or irregular mucosa, all of which are nonspecific findings; the diagnosis can be made only with a histologic evaluation.

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