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[edit] Post your images of rectal, vaginal, and urethral foreign bodies here!!!

Sometime people place things in places where they do not belong. Sometimes these things become stuck and people have to go to the emergency department to get them removed.

[edit] Rectal Foreign Bodies

[edit] Glass bottle


[edit] Vibrators

  • Please see this image on for Surfactant's amazing passage on rectal foreign bodies.



[edit] Shot glass


[edit] Vaginal Foreign Bodies

[edit] Candle

Image:Candle in vagina.jpg

Visit Real Radiology Group on for more details.

[edit] Urethral Foreign Bodies

[edit] Plastic

  • Please note: Shoving bits of plastic up your urethra is a bad way to get out of prison (and only works for an hour or so) when the mean ER doctor won't give you narcotics as a reward post removal.


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