Nonossifying fibroma

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[edit] Discussion

  • AKA Fibroxanthoma. AKA Fibrous cortical defect.
  • Benign fibroblastic mass.
  • Typically arises in the metaphyses of long bones, particularly the distal femur and tibia.
  • Common, possibly affecting more than 40% of boys and 30% of girls.
  • Thought to originate at the insertion site of a ligament or tendon and it has been suggested that it may reflect a previous traction injury.
  • Lesions are usually asymptomatic, although they are occasionally associated with pathological fractures.

[edit] Imaging Findings

[edit] Plain film

  • Eccentric lucent lesion with thinned cortex, which may have a multilocular appearance and often a sclerotic margin.
  • The lesions spontaneously regress with time and radiographs will show increasing marginal sclerosis followed by progressive ossification of the lesion extending from its diaphyseal aspect.
  • The appearance on plain films is characteristic and no further imaging is indicated.

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