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[edit] Indications for imaging

[edit] Patient preparation

  • Bowel preparation with laxative and enema
  • Discontinue octeotide therapy for 1 week prior the exam

[edit] Radiopharmaceutical

In-111 OctreoScan

[edit] Dose and route of administration

  • 6 mCi IV
    • 4 hours (abdomen, pelvis)
    • 24 hours (whole body)

[edit] Equipment

  • Camera: Large field of view SPECT gamma camera
  • Collimator: Medium-energy
  • Window: 20% window around 173 and 245 KeV

[edit] Procedure

  • 4 hours: Planar images of the abdomen and pelvis
  • 24 hours: Planar images of the whole body. SPECT of regions of clinical concern.

[edit] See also

[edit] Images

Normal OctreoScan

[edit] References