Ossifying renal tumor of infancy

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[edit] Discussion of Ossifying renal tumor of infancy

  • Rare benign renal mass, with only approximately 11 cases reported in the literature.
  • Patients have ranged in age from 6 days to 14 months.
  • The mass is believed to arise from urothelium and is attached to the renal medulla, specifically the papillary region of the renal pyramids. From this location, it extends in a polypoid fashion into the collecting system.
  • At microscopic analysis, the lesion consists of three basic components: an osteoid core, osteoblasts, and spindle cells.
  • The origin and natural history of the lesion are uncertain.
  • Biologic behavior of ossifying renal tumor of infancy appears to be benign, with no reported cases of malignant spread and postsurgical disease-free survival at follow-up lasting from 4 months to 23 years.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Ossifying renal tumor of infancy

  • At imaging, the renal outline is usually maintained; however, filling defects with partial obstruction of the collecting system are often seen.
  • Because of its location within the collecting system and its characteristic ossification, ossifying renal tumor of infancy may mimic a staghorn calculus, which would be exceedingly rare in the age group in which this lesion occurs.

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