Osteopathia striata

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[edit] Discussion of Osteopathia striata

  • AKA Voorhoeve disease
  • Osteopathia striatum is a rare, benign dysplasia of bone, involving the epiphysis and metaphysis of tubular bones.
  • It is typically bilateral, although occasionally it can be unilateral.
  • There is an association with Goltz syndrome.
  • Occurs at any age.
  • The location is tubular bones, and the epicenter is centric. It has a benign, striated appearance.
  • Osteopathia striatum is typically asymptomatic, although there can be associated joint discomfort.
  • The differential diagnosis includes normal variation in the prominence of periarticular vertical trabeculation, adult osteopetrosis, and enchondromatosis.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Osteopathia striata

  • Radiographically prominent vertical striations predominate in the metaphyses and epiphyses of the long bones (celery stalk metaphysis).

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