PET/CT brain sample dictation

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HISTORY: The patient is [] year-old [] with []. Evaluate for extent and pattern of neurodegenerative process.

PROCEDURE: Following four-hour fasting, the patient's blood glucose level was [] mg/dL. The patient was injected with [] mCi of F-18-FDG. One hour later, initial low dose CT images were obtained from the vertex extending down through the base of skull. Subsequently, PET images were obtained through the same region. Attenuation corrected images were constructed using the correlative CT scan. Fused images of metabolic (PET) and anatomic (CT) information were reviewed.

Comparison: [ ]

FINDINGS: The F-18-FDG PET scan of the brain demonstrates normal uptake within the cortex.

Evaluation of the deep subcortical structures demonstrates no foci of abnormal metabolism.

Examination of the cerebellum shows no scintigraphic evidence of hypo/hypermetabolic lesions.

No metabolically active areas are noted within the osseous structures.

IMPRESSION: [Normal/Abormal] F-18 FDG-PET/CT scintigraphy.

1. [FTD vs Alzh]