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[edit] Discussion of Phyllodes tumor

  • Phyllodes tumor was orginally termed cystosarcoma phyllodes because of its leaflike pattern of growth.
  • Phyllodes tumor most commonly manifests as a rapidly growing mass in women 30–50 years of age and can be quite large at initial presentation.
  • At histologic analysis, the tumor resembles a giant fibroadenoma with both epithelial and stromal components.
  • Phyllodes tumors can be benign or malignant.
  • Treatment is surgical excision. Both benign and malignant phyllodes tumors have a tendency to recur if not widely excised.
  • Approximately 10% of all phyllodes tumors act as true sarcomas with metastases via hematogenous spread.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Phyllodes tumor

  • At mammography, phyllodes tumor manifests as a large, well-circumscribed oval or lobulated mass that may have a radiolucent halo. Coarse, plaquelike calcifications are rarely seen.
  • At US, an inhomogeneous, solid-appearing mass is the most common manifestation. However, a solid mass containing cystic spaces and demonstrating posterior acoustic enhancement strongly suggests the diagnosis of phyllodes tumor.

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