Proximal humeral fracture

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[edit] Discussion

[edit] Neer classification system

  • Divides the proximal humerus into 4 segments
    • Greater tuberosity
    • Lesser tuberosity
    • Humeral head
    • Shaft
  • Defines a segment displaced when there is more than 1 cm of displacement and 45° of angulation of any one fragment with respect to the others.

  • Two-part fractures has 1 displaced fragment.
  • Three-part fractures has a displaced fracture of the surgical neck in addition to either a displaced greater tuberosity or lesser tuberosity fracture.
  • Four-part fractures has displaced fractures of the surgical neck and both tuberosities.

[edit] Imaging Findings

[edit] Images

Patient #1: Radiographs demonstrate a proximal humeral fracture

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