Pulmonary septic emboli

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[edit] Discussion of Pulmonary septic emboli

  • Septic emboli are seen most commonly in:
    • Patients with infective endocarditis
    • Patients with infected venous catheters or pacemaker leads
    • Patients with periodontal disease

[edit] Imaging Findings for Pulmonary septic emboli

[edit] CT

  • The CT appearance of septic emboli includes nodules and wedge-shaped subpleural opacities with or without cavitation and the feeding vessel sign.
  • The feeding vessel sign consists of a distinct vessel leading directly into the center of a nodule. This sign has been considered highly suggestive of septic embolism, the prevalence varying from 67-100% in various series (note: the feeding vessel sign also occurs in pulmonary metastasis).

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