Pyogenic brain abscess

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[edit] Discussion

  • 4 stages of abscess formation
    • Early cerebritis
    • Late cerebritis
    • Early capsule formation
    • Late capsule formation
  • Abscesses that are spread hematogenously occur at the gray/white junction.
    • Side of abscess facing the ventricle may be thinner than other sides secondary to asymmetric collagen deposition.
      • Propensity for intraventricular rupture
      • Propensity for daughter abscess formation

[edit] Imaging Findings

  • Imaging findings depend on the stage of the abscess

[edit] CT

  • Cerbritis: low-density lesion with mass effect

[edit] MRI

  • Cerebritis:
    • T1: low signal
    • T2: high signal
  • Abscess
    • T1: well-demarcated low-intensity region with mass effect and peripheral edema
    • T2: high signal lesion with surrounding edema
    • DWI: restricted diffusion secondary to necrotic center
    • Contrast: Thin ring enhancement (thick, irregular, and nodular enhancement suggest tumor)

[edit] Images

Patient #1

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