Right upper quadrant ultrasound sample dictation

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[edit] Sample Dictation

Clinical statement: []

Technique: A sonogram of the right upper quadrant was performed assessing gray scale appearance and color doppler flow.

Comparison: []

Findings: The liver is normal in echogenicity and size, measuring approximately [ ] cm in longitudinal dimension. No focal lesions are seen. The hepatic veins and portal veins are patent with appropriate directional flow. No intrahepatic ductal dilatation is seen. The gallbladder is not distended and has normal wall thickness. No pericholecystic fluid or gallstones are visualized. The sonographic Murphy's sign is negative. The common duct is not dilated with a diameter of [ ] cm.

The visualized pancreas appears normal. No pancreatic ductal dilatation is visualized. The splenic vein is patent. The right kidney is normal in echogenicity and size, measuring [] cm in longitudinal dimension. No hydronephrosis, renal mass or calculi are visualized.

The visualized portion of the inferior vena cava is unremarkable.

Impression: []

[edit] Standard Views