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[edit] Discussion of Sclerosing adenosis

Sclerosing adenosis is a benign (i.e., non-cancerous) condition of the breast in which extra tissue develops within the breast lobules, the small portions of the glands that can produce milk.

In women with sclerosing adenosis, multiple small, firm, tender lumps (called nodules); fibrous tissue; and sometimes small cysts (i.e., sacs filled with fluid or semi-solid material) form in the breast. Many women with sclerosing adenosis experience recurring pain that tends to be linked to the menstrual cycle.

In most cases, sclerosing adenosis is detected during routine mammograms or following breast surgery. Usually, a biopsy (i.e., examination of a sample of tissue under the microscope) is required to confirm the diagnosis, because the condition is otherwise difficult to distinguish from breast cancer.

Clinical research suggests that women with sclerosing adenosis may have 1.5 times to twice as high a risk of developing breast cancer than do other women. If you have been diagnosed with sclerosing adenosis, it is especially important to be aware of any future changes or developments in your breasts. As with all matters of the breasts, vigilant attention is key.

  • Sclerosing adenosis is a type of adenosis,
  • Adenosis is a proliferative lesion of the terminal duct lobular unit characterized by an increased number of acini that may either produce a mass (florid adenosis, or the extreme, adenosis tumor) or become surrounded by stromal sclerosis (sclerosing adenosis).
  • Adenosis represents a spectrum of benign alterations of breast tissue.
  • Patients with sclerosing adenosis have an increased risk of breast cancer ranging from 1.7- to 3.7-fold has been reported in most series.

  • Adenosis and sclerosing adenosis retain the lobular architecture, but it becomes exaggerated and distorted.
  • The involved lobules show an increased number of acini, which become compressed and obliterated by stromal fibrosis in sclerosing adenosis.

  • Sclerosing adenosis can be seen as a component of other proliferative lesions, such as intraductal and/or sclerosing papilloma and complex sclerosing lesion, and can be present within fibroadenomas.
  • Sclerosing adenosis can coexist with both invasive and in situ cancers.
  • Sclerosing adenosis can manifest as a palpable mass or as a suspicious finding at mammography that consists of architectural distortion, indeterminate microcalcifications, or both.

[edit] Imaging Findings for Sclerosing adenosis

  • At mammography, sclerosing adenosis may consists of architectural distortion, indeterminate microcalcifications, or both.
  • Sclerosing adenosis can be difficult to distinguish from infiltrating carcinoma.

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